Topics to Consider

If you're thinking about a speaker, facilitator or trainer, here's a list of topics to use as a "teaser":

Behave Like a Professional, Being a Good Employee; Being a Good Supervisor; Career Planning; Coaching; Communications (DISCOVER Model); Conducting Effective Meetings; Conflict Resolution; Decision Making; Delegation; Elevator Pitch; Employee Development; Empowerment; Facilitation; Interpersonal Skills; Leadership; Listening Skills; Measurement; Mentoring; Mission, Vision and Values; Motivation; Organization Change; Organization Development; Presentation Skills; Problem Solving; Processes; Public Speaking; Rewards and Recognition; SMART Goals Setting; SPCz Rules; Strategic Planning; Succession Development; SWOT; Symbols; Team Building, Chartering, Development, Formation; The Culture People Want; Trust Based Relationships; Value

That is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to contact me: