Topics to Consider

If you're thinking about a speaker, facilitator or trainer, here's a list of topics to use as a "teaser":

  1. Your business does not have a strategic plan or you need to renew the one you have (including Mission, Vision & Values; SWOT; Prioritization; SMART goals & objectives)

  2. You need to develop or review your mission, vision or values

  3. You would like to do some brainstorming

  4. You know that something needs to change to make things better but you don’t know what it is

  5. You need to make change happen and get people to accept it

  6. Someone in the organization needs mentoring or coaching

  7. Your employees need to develop their interpersonal skills: listening skills; delegation; motivation; rewards and recognition; decision making; conflict management; problem solving

  8. You would like to learn how to conduct effective meetings

  9. You would like to improve the supervisor to employee relationship and empowerment (Building Trust-Based Relationships; Communications; Delegation; Manage Resources; Motivate; Mentor and Coach; Track Records; Use What We Know)

  10. Employees need to learn how to behave like a professional

  11. Employees need to learn what it takes to be a good employee

  12. Supervisors need to learn how to be better at their job

  13. You would like to identify and improve your business culture and make it “The culture people want.”

  14. You would like to learn about rewards and recognition

  15. You would like to improve your internal communications (DISCOVER Model; Push, Pull & Interactive)

  16. You need an elevator pitch for your business

  17. You would like to implement a business measurement system

  18. You would like to implement a simple employee development system (training, experiential learning, advanced degrees & certifications, mentoring & coaching; needs of the employee & the organization’s needs)

  19. You would like to implement a simple succession development system

  20. You would like to implement a simple career planning system

  21. You would like to learn a new leadership model (Who you are inside; How you present yourself; How you transact with others; The culture you create around you)

  22. You need to improve your presentation skills

  23. You would like to set SMART goals and objectives

  24. You need someone to review an important presentation and how you deliver it

  25. You are establishing a team-based organization: Formation; Chartering, Alignment, Development

  26. You would like to conduct a team-building exercise (cohesion of purpose; performance improvement; relationship development)

  27. You would like to know more about employee motivation

  28. You need some writing or editing help

  29. You need to learn how to facilitate meetings

  30. You need someone to facilitate a meeting

  31. You need a speaker on a light-hearted topic: SPCz Rules; The worst time on a meeting’s agenda; Kindergarten Performance Management

That is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to contact me: