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Conducting Effective Meetings

Conducting Teleconferences

Dealing with Conflict

Delegating RAA

Effective Communications by being Reasonable and Right

Effective Presentations

Five Step Problem Solving Model

Give ‘em Something to Hate

Help Me Hire Good People

How can I Improve my Presentations?

How do Customers Perceive Value?

How do you Rebuild Trust?

How do you Transition from Technology Expert to Supervisor?

Integrated Team Formation and Development

IPO for Empowerment

Keeping your Start-up Aligned with your Values

Kindergarten Performance Management

Leadership is About More than the Leader

Measure Something Meaningful

Mission, Vision, Values

Motivating Employees (and others)

People Like Things in Threes

Please Use Proper Grammar

Protect Your IP: Part 1 - Overview (Collaboration with Butzel Long)

Protect Your IP: Part 2 - Patents (Collaboration with Butzel Long)

Protect Your IP: Part 3 - Copyrights (Collaboration with Butzel Long)

Protect Your IP: Part 4 - Trademarks (Collaboration with Butzel Long)

Protect Your IP: Part 5 - Trade Secrets (Collaboration with Butzel Long)

Purpose of Meetings

Setting SMART Goals


Small Business Accounting (Collaboration with Accutrak)

Staffing a Start-up: Getting to Operations

Strategic Planning

Symbols Mean Something

The Culture People Want

The Foundation of Team Development

The Number of People on a Team

The Worst Time on the Agenda to be a Presenter (or a Facilitator)

Three Focuses for Listening

Trust is Earned Based on What?

Use Your Customer’s Language

What does a Good Project Plan Include? (Collaboration with Jim Ruma)

What is Systems Engineering? (Collaboration with Jim Ruma)

Why Think About OD & OC?