Stephen P. (Steve) Czerniak - Charitable Volunteer Consultant

Derive personal satisfaction from helping others, and the organizations they operate, to develop and prosper.


Mr. Czerniak retired after a successful 37 year career as a leader and innovator. The last 15 years were a series of opportunities that honed his skills as an internal consultant and “change agent.”

***** MY APPEAL TO USERS *****

I’ve posted these works and made them available for free. This is consistent with my desire to help people and “give something back.” If you want to be part of that, please give a charitable contribution (money, time, goods) to one of these charities and not-for-profits (or one of you choosing) and let me know about it at:


Michigan Parkinson’s Foundation

Alzheimer Foundation of America

Capuchin Soup Kitchen

Gleaners Community Food Bank

South Oakland Shelter

Troy Historical Society

Stage (Troy) Nature Center


1. THE AUTHOR lives up to his “Volunteer Consultant” status.

2. THE AUTHOR gets to help people who need it and do some good (my objective).

3. THE READER gets some help they need.

4. THE READER gets to be philanthropic and help others in need.

5. THE READER gets a tax deduction.

6. CHARITIES and NOT-FOR-PROFITS get resources that they can use.

7. PEOPLE are helped (e.g. somebody gets fed, housed, cured, educated, etc.).